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It's lovely tuna see you! If you need something, don't hesitate to ask! I've enough food and stitches to go around! 38)
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it’s almost time



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What I plan to wear at this year’s Fan Expo Lolita Fashion Show!

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I’ve watched this at least a hundred times.

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Hello Feferi, it’s lovely to meet you too. I am Rose.

Hello Rose!!!

Orcay, so now, I get to ask you three questions, and you can ask three things in return!

What kind of fins do you like to do, what’s your favourite thing to eat, and what’s something you like to wear? 38)

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I’m so saury I haven’t made a proper set of greeting posts for everyone!!!

I’ll start with this, and figure out who joined me over the time I was awave!


I’m Feferi Peixes, and it’s an absolute and utter pleashore to meet you, all!


He covered up pain well and he’s been stubbornly moving about and ignoring it largely. Can’t stand sitting anymore his mind will eat him alive. Little fishies are awesomer don’t front son. Do not. 

"M glad t hear ‘t darlin. Get you movin an swimmin in notide for sure. Want tha I shoul take you somewheres?"

Gamzee would be a liar if he said he wasn’t always greedy for her touch, searching it out like a moth does a candle. Slow, lazy strokes of her face until he cups it gently, tipping her face to land sugar-sweet kisses. Never get enough, he thinks. 

She’s more than prepared to jump on the first sign of pain he shows, hands poised and ready always. She cared too much, too deeply to see him in pain again. It was hard enough to have worriedly have cared for the injuries that she knew, in some portion of her mind, that hurt him. Leaning up to press her lips back against his, palms found his cheeks, holding him close, happy to let embers be the way this kiss would move in, reveling in that warm press.

"If you want tuna join me, I’d love to! It’d be the best thing, to have you out there with me, on the sand again."

There’s a small sigh to her breath, thumbs tracing along the curve of his cheek bone, up to the corner of his eyes, just watching him.

"Maybe snacks, enjoy the ocean?"


Sigh and lean into those smooches they are /thebest/. Quietly curl around her like the great big scary clown you are, fresh fulla new scars and a smile that said I love you with every breath. 

Yawn, pecking her lips with a gentleness that often wasn’t betrayed by your form.

"Eh. How bout yorn own sel sweet sugar?"

Nuzzling up under his jaw, you’re careful to check where you held and hugged, even if he was healed up, you were worried. Scary clowns are the best, and you adore him completely.

"Soar. I’m moving easier, and I got downstairs on my own, was able to cuttle with Cosain. It’s a great day!"

Fingers brushing back his hair, you’re greedy to gather a few more feather light kisses from him.

"My next goal is to get out on the beach!"


> Poof to the general location of the mate. 

> Snuggl and purr loudly


> Grins and scoots so she can hug him tight, kisses left over his cheeks en mass.

"Hello! How’d you sleep?"





Love is timeless.

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