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It's lovely tuna see you! If you need something, don't hesitate to ask! I've enough food and stitches to go around! 38)
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nothing beats fresh baked bread & pastries


Some sweets I’ve been doing


Amulets, charms, & talismans, oh my!



> Casually leave bouquets of flowers in Feferi’s workspace. The vases hold little freshwater fish, complete with a full tank and bubblers. Well. Okay they’re sort of bouquets. Water lillies with other plants and fauna. He thought it was pretty. 

> And then he runs in with a handwritten note because he forgot to put it on. It’s on a mini canvas, a picture of her cuddling Hestia at some point, it looks like she’s working. 

" :o* For thankin what to takin a brother out th other night, an bein all to doin what you does an lovin on a silly motherfucker. <3 Cain’t be but naught without an I is love you so much. Has a beautiful day."

> Having been fins deep in checking up on a little who kept trying to get rid of a brace, she pads back to her station to notice her desk is newly furnished with really gorgeous flowers, fish and a tank. This was not what she’d expected for her day. Laughing and walking over to look at both the canvas and note, she leans her hip against the desk and just smiles.

> Other nurses give her curious looks, wondering how she was reacting and waiting to see. They’re a bunch of gossips, it’s hard to avoid it. With a wide arm sweep, she simply smiles and nods.

"I’m going tuna marry him."

> Immediately starts thinking of something to give him in return, because she loves him and this is the sweetest thing, thank you or otherwise.


at 144 years, this wisteria tree is the oldest in japan

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