It's lovely tuna see you! If you need something, don't hesitate to ask! I've enough food and stitches to go around! 38)
Trollian: crownedCuttlefish
(( current M!A: n/a, send somethin! ))
PLEASE don't assume face to face! If you'd prefer that, please let me know, but it'd be very unusual for her.
#Sweets! 38) #T) (e fis) ( is adrift!
#Sweets! 38) #T) (e fis) ( is adrift!
#Pretty t) (ings! 38) #T) (e fis) ( is adrift!


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80’ Another Fef!

) (ello! 38)

I sea you already ) (ave an idea as to w) (o I am, but it’s nice tuna meet you!!



Clever Boat Names [via]

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#fleetadmiraldualscar #T) (e fis) ( is adrift!


Quick pirate Masquerade Theater coord pic n_n! I got bored while making my wardrobe post and this happened.

Alice and the Pirates- OP, boots, hat, red rose clip
Automatic Honey- Gold necklace
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Socks, parasol, gold roses
Handmade- Pearl necklace
Victorian Maiden- Ivory rose corsage

#Pretty t) (ings! 38) #T) (e fis) ( is adrift!
I think I accidentally made an undead fish. Maybe.

…well alrig) (t t) (en. Dare I ask?


I look awave and somet) (ing about fis) ( is going on? I’m so lost.

Glub glub sig) (.


I ) (aven’t played Carc) (ar) (inus in suc) ( a long time…

#ic #I s) (ould fix t) (at.

You giant nerd. These giant nerds.

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